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Find my everything - A different kind of tracking device!

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Find My Everything will help you find your missing items! No longer will you have to search tirelessly for the things that are important to you! With this new device, you can easily locate your handbags, backpacks, children, and pets, anywhere in the US!
How it works

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Uses GPS Technology

The tracking device uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to pinpoint the exact location of your missing item.

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Syncs to an app

The device works with an app on your tablet or smart phone. You can sync multiple devices to the app and track them all at once.

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Attaches to anything

After the tracking device is synced to the app, the user will then attach the device, using the keychain feature or adhesive component, to anything that he/she wants to keep track of. The data is transmitted to the app using cellular service.

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