About Us

Everyone needs a way to locate certain items, which seem to disappear frequently.   How much time is wasted searching for these misplaced items?  How much money is spent replacing expensive items, which are lost or stolen?  Cell phones, pets, people, purses, and luggage  are just a few of the many things which seem to disappear regularly in most homes, work places, and especially when people are traveling.  Being a creative problem solver who is tired of wasting time searching for missing items, Taylor has developed a sensational new device to eliminate the frustration created by these situations.  This device, which is linked to a phone app, will make it easy to track and find items that are often lost, misplaced, or stolen.  

“Gotcha” is a GPS tracking device that allows you to find all of your missing items. You can connect the device to anything including a handbag, backpack, laptop, pet, or person. It is the perfect form of “insurance” to protect all of your important items. With the Gotcha tracking device, no longer will you have to worry about an item being lost or stolen. You can find the item anywhere in the US that has cellular coverage. There’s no limits on this tracking device, unlike many other devices, that only work within a 100 foot radius. With the Gotcha tracking device, if leave your items behind at the store, you can find it. If you’re traveling and your phone gets pick pocketed, you can find it. If your pet goes missing, you can find him/her. You can even use the device to track your child, from a young kid, to a rebellious teenager. Hide it in your teenager’s car to track their every move. Or attach it to your child’s backpack so you can track them as they’re walking home from school. If your item is important to you, use “Gotcha” to find it!