Corporate Social Responsibility

Find My Everything's
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program:
Find The Kind In Everything

Find My Everything is making the communities where we live and work better so we can and will gain our respective communities' support to enable our success. From our vantage point, we feel the marketplace is the tool to create wealth and resources that can be distributed back through the community to solve and profoundly impact the daily challenges that exist.

How we “Find The Kind In Everything”:

  • Equity - Donate 5% of the profits from all of Find My Everything's Devices to support and create a scholarship fund for minority and economically disadvantaged students to promote academic achievement and provide the resources to create educational and employment opportunities.

  • Time - Partner with our employees to find ways to volunteer their time to nonprofit and community organizations providing vital health and human services, economic development, and K-12 STEAM Education Programs, entrepreneurship, and mentoring services they are passionate about.
  • Support - local elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as universities and future Find My Everything Interns and Employees, by creating and participating in internship and mentoring programs, tutorial workshops, and conferences.

  • Blossom - Blossom is a mentorship program where the Founder and CEO, Taylor Baloney, mentors young women in high school. She teaches them valuable entrepreneurship skills including how to network, create a pitch deck, write a business plan, and dress for success. 

At Find My Everything, we are aware of the national and global problem of human trafficking and work to combat the problem. We hope, that one day, with our products, we will be able to save the lives of countless human trafficking victims and help them be found. We are currently working with Love Never Fails, a non-profit organization that helps victims of human trafficking. The organization is helping us conduct focus group studies. We will be providing pilot units of our device for survivors to use and test and use their feedback to improve our product. Learn more about human trafficking with this infographic!