1.       Q: How long is the battery life

A: The battery life for the “Gotcha” tracking device is 24 hours. After 24 hours of the device being used, you will need to charge it using the charger that is provided with the device. The battery life for the watch tracking device is 48 hours. The battery will last longer in “normal mode”. We suggest that you only use “real-time positioning” mode in a state of emergency, because the battery life is shorter in this mode.


2.       Q: How long do I need to charge the battery?

A: You will need to charge the battery for three hours, in order to for the device to be fully charged.


3.       Q: Is my phone and /or tablet compatible with the application needed to use the device?

A:  The app is compatible with both IOS and Android technology. So any smartphones or tablets using this technology is compatible with the app. You can also track your items using Windows on the computer.


4.       Q: What is the size of the tracking device?

A: The “Gotcha” tracking device is 2.4inches*1.2inches*0.5inches. It is small enough to attach to any purse, backpack, briefcase, or luggage. But is big enough to not be easily misplaced. And the watch tracking device is 1.8inches*1.5inches*0.6inches.


5.       Q: How much is the GPS tracking device?

A: The tracking device is priced at $49.99 for pre-orders, but the price will rise after pre-sales.


6.       Q: What cellular service can I use with the tracking device?

A: You can use any cellular service carrier that provides 2G service. Once you choose a cellular provider, you will get a sim card that the carrier will help insert into the device. The device will then have cellular service which is used to help locate the missing items all over the US.


7.       Q: Will I have to pay a monthly service fee?

A: Yes you will have to pay a monthly service fee to whatever cellular network provider that you choose to use for the device. Many plans are month-to-month for these devices, so you aren’t bound in a contract if you choose to stop paying the service fees.

8.    Q: The product says “pre-order” when I go to buy it, what does that mean?

A: Pre-ordering is a great way for customers to purchase the product while it is still being manufactured. Purchasing the item early ensures you are getting it at a much lower cost, than waiting until after the pre-order time period. 

9.     Q: When is my product expected to arrive?

A: Customers will receive their products by June 2017. The products may arrive earlier, but June is the latest you should expect to receive them.