How It Works

The tracking device uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to pinpoint the exact location of your missing item. Once the item is located, the data is transmitted to an application on your smart phone or tablet. You can download this free app to track your item, or go online using the windows application. The application allows you to sync as many devices as you want to the app. So you can track everything that is important to you, all on one device. After the tracking device is synced to the app, the user will then attach the device, using the keychain feature or adhesive component, to anything that he/she wants to keep track of. The data is transmitted to the app using cellular service. The user can choose which cellular provider they would like to use. There is also a guardian list, which allows multiple people to track the same person or item. There’s a pedometer that allows you to track how many steps were taken with the device. 

There’s a talk/text function that allows you to text and communicate with the device (with the watch version only). This is especially useful if you are keeping track of a child or person. You can choose to set up a barrier location. And if the device goes outside of this barrier range then the user will be notified on their app. There is also an SOS function, so if a child or person is using the device when an emergency arises, they can discreetly press the SOS button for help. The button will directly call whatever number the user set ups on the application. The tracking device is also bidirectional, so you can find the device using the app, but you can also find your phone using the device.

The device is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any spills damaging your tracker! The device uses GPS (Global Positioning System) + LBS (Location based services, which helps locate your device) + WiFi to help locate all your items. If you are in a WiFi enabled location, the device will automatically use the WiFi available. And if you are not then the device will use LBS and GPS technology to find your item.