My Story

Hello everyone! I am Taylor Baloney, founder and CEO of “Find My Everything”. I would like to share with everyone the story of how I came up with the idea of the tracking devices and why I started this company. I am a former flight attendant. I worked for Republic Airlines, a regional company that flew for American and United Airlines. I loved to fly and travel all over and experience new and exciting things in each place. But something I didn’t enjoy was losing items, especially since I traveled so much.

One particular instance was when I lost my phone. As a flight attendant I had most of the announcements that I made on my phone. So on each flight, I would use my phone to read the announcements, and then put my phone back in my R.O.N. bag. One day after reading my announcements, I put my phone into what I thought was my bag, until later learning otherwise. When the flight landed I searched frantically for my phone. I searched behind the seats, in my bag, in my pockets, EVERYWHERE! I was searching nervously and just couldn’t find my phone. At that point I had come to the conclusion that a passenger must have stolen my phone from my R.O.N. bag after I put it back in there. I called my mom from another flight attendant’s phone and asked her to search for my phone using “Find My Iphone”. She tracked the phone and found the location of the phone and emit a beeping sound from my phone. She also left several text messages on the phone, threatening to call the police to whoever had my phone. It took over five hours for someone to finally reply to my mother, who was smart enough to leave her contact information. The woman called my mom and explained to her that she found my phone in her bag. And that it took so long to respond to my mother’s messages because her bag was in the trunk, so she couldn’t hear the beeping sound that was emitted from the phone. My mother apologized to the lady since we now discovered that I was the one in the wrong. The lady was kind enough to offer to ship the phone back to me. The next day I had FedEx send the phone to the location I was staying at. I was blessed enough to find my phone and have someone nice enough who was willing to help me get my phone back. I definitely learned my lesson about being more responsible. But in the midst of my mistake, came a wonderful idea to help people find all of their missing items.