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This product is currently available for pre-order. This means that the expected delivery date is 60-90 days from when the item is purchased. 

“Gotcha” is a GPS tracking device that allows you to find all of your missing items. You can connect the device to anything including a handbag, backpack, laptop, pet, or person. It is the perfect form of “insurance” to protect all of your important items. With the Gotcha tracking device, no longer will you have to worry about an item being lost or stolen. You can find the item anywhere in the US that has cellular coverage. And depending on the cellular service the user chooses, the device can also be tracked internationally. There’s no limits on this tracking device, unlike many other devices, that only work within a 100 foot radius. With the Gotcha tracking device, if you leave your items behind at the store, you can find them. If you’re traveling and your phone gets pick pocketed, you can find it. If your pet goes missing, you can find him/her. You can even use the device to track your child, from a young kid, to a rebellious teenager. Hide it in your teenager’s car to track their every move. Or attach it to your young child’s backpack so you can track them as they’re walking home from school. If your item is important to you, use “Gotcha” to find it! This device has a keychain component, which can be used to hook onto items like backpacks and handbags. It also has an adhesive component, which can be used to stick onto items like laptops. No matter what you attach the device to, you will be able to quickly find your item!



  • Waterproof device
  • 24 hours real time tracking
  • Geo fence barrier- can set up a barrier and be notified if the device goes outside of that barrier
  • GPS + LBS + Wifi location
  • SOS button- can be used to communicate in case of an emergency, or to return the missing item to the owner
  • Bidirectional device-can find the device with your phone and can find your phone with the device
  • Guardian list- can have different people track the same item on multiple device Free app to download with the device

*Presale items give clients an opportunity to secure the products before they are launched. The advantage of this is to purchase the item at a lower cost, while the product is being manufactured.

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Gotcha Pre-Order

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